Prices range from 210 € to 4,500 €
How much exactly depends on what you need.
If you’re just after a straightforward 1-3 page website then it will cost from 210 €.
If you need more – photo galleries, online payment, membership, online booking, language options, logo design, etc – then it will cost more too.

All my websites are built to look exactly how my customers want them to look and do exactly what they want them to do. So whatever you need, I’ll make it for you.

Contact me and tell me what you’d like so I can prepare a proper quote for you.

Web support

45 € per hour.

Web copy

45 € per hour.

Hosting & domain names

Domain names
Domain names (the actual address of your website) start from around 10 € a year.
In my experience it’s best if domain names are bought, registered and managed separately, in your name with your own account.  I’ll help you get the one you need and set it all up of course.

Hosting (storing your website on the server so that it can be accessed over the internet) is 90 € per year.